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There are unique challenges I face in the backcountry, especially with communication. Deaf/HOH Backcountry is a project focused on bringing together people with hearing loss to share their backcountry experiences as well as offer a voice in an industry that doesn't always consider the impact of hearing loss. is under construction, and we are currently seeking individuals and partners to help raise awareness about issues and concerns as well as increase accessibility and availability of services and resources. Contact for more information!


With a B.S. in meteorology, I have a strong affinity for the environment as well as what it has to offer in terms of opportunities in the outdoors. 

As a Colorado transplant, it was only natural to transition from surfing to snowboarding. A few seasons in ski shops gave me more experience and knowledge inside the ski and snowboard industry, and now I continue to follow my passions, exploring new lines as well as collaborating with others to create new content and raise awareness about safety in the backcountry. 

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